The smart lock solution for your business.

Cloud-based, real-time and on-the-go

The App

Real-time access management

You are in charge of your space, so you decide who is allowed to enter your business! Through the SALTO KS web app you can create users, easily grant access rights for them by determining the time frame as well as the dates. You can grant 24/7 access to your team, but limited access to your cleaners or delivery services. You can manage multiple locations with one app.

The App

See who goes where, when.

From wherever you are. View all entries, events and incidents from your mobile app. See who has opened which door when, and with what type of opening. Receive push notifications to be informed on all door activities. When you want to revoke access just block Tags and don’t worry about collecting keys or changing locks.

The App

More than one way to open a door

Enjoy keyless entry with your smartphone or your Tag. 
A Tag replaces that ring of keys, but don’t worry if you don’t have it on you. You can use your SALTO KS app and swipe open your doors from wherever you are, or you can also use mobile keys and unlock via Bluetooth. No need for mechanical keys, we’ve got you covered!

Upgrade Your Business

SALTO KS makes access control a smarter way to manage business access. No matter the size of your business. Enjoy flexibility, scalability, reliability, and the ability to manage access from anywhere, anytime.

Simple set-up

Together with a selected dealer, determine your hardware needs at your location. You will receive an offer for the hardware and subscription fee.

Have a certified installer mount all hardware at your location. They will help set up the software for your system as well.

Meanwhile, register at to be able to manage access for your system. Create access groups for employees, cleaners or contractors as you see fit.

Once all is up and running use the mobile app to monitor activity, receive notifications and open doors remotely. Say goodbye to mechanical keys!

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