XS4 by SALTO | Electronic escutcheons

Smart, secure, innovative and easy to install, the XS4 electronic escutcheon sets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features. The XS4 escutcheon range is specially designed to fit on most standard doors, and work with the majority of Scandinavian, European and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches.

XS4 Glass door lock

XS4 Glass Door XS4 ExGM | GLASS DOOR LOCK The XS4 glass door lock’s exclusive design makes it compatible with a wide range of commonly used glass door designs, including those already fitted with a built-in lock. Its unique ‘sandwich body’ design also makes for easy installation, without having to replace the door.


  • Simple installation is possible on any type of glass door.
  • Body and escutcheon made of steel.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (single action panic feature works in conjunction with the SALTO mortise lock).
  • Strike plates for glass frames and double doors available to meet the installation needs.

ID Technologies

  • MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic – ISO/IEC 14443).
  • NFC.
  • Inside Picopass.
  • LEGIC Prime.
  • HID iCLASS®.
  • i-Button.


Technical Drawing

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