XS4 Wall Readers

SALTO peripheral products provide the ideal solution for those access points where online connectivity is needed, or where interaction with other systems or electric powered devices such as elevators, roller shutter doors or barriers is required.

XS4 2.0 Expansion board

XS4 CU4EB8 | Expansion Board

The CU42EB8 provides multi-relay switchable output management to external systems such as elevator floor level access, multi-shutter and barrier systems, machine switching and more.


  • Works with the CU42xx.
  • Input and output board managed by the controller.
  • Software configuration.
  • Up to 16 connected units.
  • Additional control output relays.
  • Compatible with the SALTO ProAccess SPACE alarm event engine module to manage trigger events through inputs when connected to an online network via BUS485.


Technical Drawing




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