XS4 Wall Readers

SALTO peripheral products provide the ideal solution for those access points where online connectivity is needed, or where interaction with other systems or electric powered devices such as elevators, roller shutter doors or barriers is required.

XS4 2.0 CU auxiliary

XS4 CU4200 | Auxiliary Control Unit

SALTO’s latest control unit makes it even easier to bring superior access control to your facility, thanks to the ability to control and manage multiple doors through one Ethernet connection and one IP address. The New SALTO XS4 2.0 Controller CU4200 is an auxiliary controller that does not require an IP address and can be set up as an auxiliary controller connected to an XS4 online controller (CU42E0), or can work as an offline controller, reducing the costs of installation and keeping all the advantages of the SALTO Data-on-card technology.


  • Online controller if connected through BUS485 to CU42E0.
  • Offline controller if not connected to the network.
  • Two wall reader connections that can be configured as 2 different doors if it is connected to CU42E0, or one door reader in and reader out locking, if set up as offline and programmed via PPD.
  • Antipassback mode available by connecting 2 wall readers and setting up as one door.
  • Door monitoring and tamper monitoring via contacts input (intrusion alarm and door left opened alarm).
  • Access plan update via SALTO Virtual Network capabilities. User access plan and blacklist (list of users card cancelled) is transmitted via the data-on-card technology.

ID Technologies

  • To be used with WRDB and WRMB wall reader range.
  • MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic – ISO/IEC 14443).
  • Bluetooth SMART (BLE).
  • NFC.


Technical Drawing




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